I'm Loren Crawford...

I’ve always been an outsider, never comfortably fitting into society’s boxes. In the early stage of life, this created lots of loneliness and confusion. Being different fostered insecurities that resulted in anger and resentment. I carried this energy into adulthood. 

The universe started to create opportunities for me in my 20s. I returned to university at 28 and quickly found my tribe, a group of dynamic people who inspired me. I excelled in my studies and started to feel self-worth for the first time. 

I was introduced to yoga at 29. It was the right thing at the right time and became a powerful catalyst for 30 years of intense self-discovery and awakening.  My journey has been that of the perpetual student of life - spending years studying with powerful teachers in the yoga, Ayurveda, and psychology fields. I’ve been gifted with some of the best teachers. 

Being the good student that I am has molded me into the effective coach, teacher, and healer I’ve become today. 

Over the years my own healing work forced me to confront my “stories”, face my shadow self and its darkness, let go of beliefs that kept me small, learn how to love myself, and embrace life with all of its warts and wrinkles. 

Like many men, I didn’t see the need to do this necessary work. It happened accidentally, to be honest. My first yoga teacher training in the early 2000s was when I had my first energetic awakening an experience that is beyond words but forever changes your understanding of this life. 

Since then I’ve known my purpose, or dharma, is to teach and heal. 

For over 20 years I’ve been working with individuals and groups, at various stages of life, some vibrant and thriving, others facing their demise. Each client or student has been a gift and a teacher to me. 

I’m privileged to work with one-on-one coaching clients, run group coaching programs, provide individualized practices, lead group certification programs, teach group classes, offer energy healing, engage in sacred massage, host wellness retreats, facilitate discussion groups, and more. 

My current focus is working with men over 45 who are questioning the meaning of life, wondering what this journey is all about, and being perplexed by arriving at this age with a feeling that something is missing, something they can’t quite put their finger on. 

Aimlessly wandering through the wisdom years without a plan or focus is such a waste. Yet many men do it. Don’t let that be you. 

Join me and a community of men like yourself who are open-minded, have a zest for life and are ready to grow in ways they could never have imagined.