5 Strategies for Aging with Energy and Wisdom

Aging is an interesting process. We can resist it, deny it, or ignore it but it will win. Our energy levels - among many other things - get affected. While we can’t stop aging we can choose how we address it. An engaged approach that honours the process will serve us best. We can activate new goals and objectives for the wisdom years and be active agents of change.

With each passing decade, our energy levels decline and many of the activities we previously enjoyed start to feel more like challenges. 

When we’re over 55 there may be a tendency to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. This is a choice. But we need not spend hours sitting in our comfy chairs or lying on our backsides as we age. As we enter our wisdom years it’s important to make choices that positively affect our quality of life. We can partake in activities that will maintain energy levels and engagement. 

Choosing a passive approach to living will diminish our energy levels with certainty. A quiet and subdued life may also leave us devoid of meaning and purpose. If we stop doing many activities and passively settle into aging we miss an opportunity to architect the next stage of our life. 

We can plan our futures and find new age-appropriate activities that maintain our vitality. 

Engagement is important because when energy levels are low it is harder to thrive and life has less vigour. When we disengage it weighs heavily on our mental well-being. The mind becomes dull without stimulation both on a physical and mental level. 

There are many ways we can respond to the aging process. Making plans and modifying our daily patterns can be useful.

Here is a list of ways we can maintain our energy levels from 55 onward. (You younger folks will benefit too!)

  1. Connect to your circadian rhythm and reset your biological clock to work optimally.
    • Get to bed early and get up early.
    • Sleep for 8 hours each night.
  2. Make adjustments to your diet or eating habits to achieve greater digestive efficiency.
    • Eat at regular times daily including breakfast, a larger meal for lunch and a light supper.
    • Consider decreasing your animal protein consumption.
    • Considering intermittent fasting a few times per week (skipping the evening meal).
    • Stop snacking.
    • Eat less volume, eat less often and eat fewer heavy foods that rob you of energy.
  3. Engage in a balanced exercise program to maintain a healthy and strong body that has ample energy reserves.
    • Include cardio, weight-bearing exercises, and group exercise classes and physical activities.
  4. Get into nature often as she helps to energize us physically and mentally.
    • Go for walks, hikes, or bike rides.
    • In cities find green spaces where you can feel nature’s presence.
  5. Meditate to build your mental energy reserves.
    • Daily meditation practice increases mental alertness, self-awareness, presence, and a sense of a higher purpose.

By incorporating these and other wellness practices the 55+ years can be rich and rewarding. Yes, change can be challenging so do it with compassion and seek out guidance. My wellness coaching may be of use. Book a free 30-minute discovery call.

Age is a matter of attitude and energy. Work with both to be a vibrant and thriving person. 55+ can be years of light and wisdom.


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