Creativity - the Juice of Life


The teachings of Ayurveda and yoga say that creativity is an important pillar in a balanced life. In the purushartha, ancient teachings that identify the four desires of life, kama is one of the four. Kama is often depicted as sensual pleasures, but it's the creative elements in life and the beauty that surrounds you. Thus, creativity is one of the four desires of life that needs to be fulfilled. 

How are you exploring your creativity?

It sometimes takes you a while to figure out what inspires you creatively. I liked fashion as a young guy, but not having sufficient money to be a fashionista made this a fleeting passion. 

However, when I discovered yoga at 29, there was an immediate draw to the practice. Clearly, the first bit was about the physical process and learning how to use my body in the poses. Exploring my body in this aspect was a creative outlet for me. The connection to yoga, I later realized, was deeply intuitive. 

I studied more and became a teacher. Practicing and teaching yoga was the spark that I needed to bring me to life. It taught me to love myself. 

Here's how creativity works for me: when I create a class, when I build content for a course, when I design a multi-day retreat, when I work one-on-one with someone providing them guidance and support, all of this ignites my creativity and helps me to thrive in this lifetime. 

Creativity and Dharma

Fortunately for me, my creative outlet is connected to my dharma, another of the four desires that speak to life's purpose. If your creative spark and your dharma align everything is beautiful. Your soul connection through creativity and the work of your life is one. The unity is unquestionable. 

If your creative outlet doesn't connect with your dharma, that's fine. There are many ways you can avail yourself of your creative juices. Just get them flowing!

How are you flexing your creative muscles?

If you are missing a creative spark right now, why not spend some time reflecting on the past, on times in your life when you were more creative. What were the things you were doing and how did you feel in those moments?

Pick one of those creative elements and reconnect to it. Let those creative juices flow within you. It is imperative to have this energy moving in your body to feel fully alive

Examples of creativity:

  • cooking amazing meals
  • baking yummy treats
  • writing poetry or prose
  • landscaping or decorating balcony
  • fine arts like painting, singing, playing an instrument

Creative energies are very important

When you have those creative energies you will:

  • feel more balanced
  • feel more connected
  • understand life as a gift

Creative energies are very uplifting for you personally, but also for those around you. 

Creative forces are rich and rewarding. 

My share request

Consider sharing your current creative element/outlet here. 

You can inspire, motivate and uplift others by sharing what you are doing to connect to your creative forces. 

When you thrive in creativity you are serving the planet. This is very much needed right now. 



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